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About Utopia Family Chiropractic

When asked why she chose to name her practice Utopia Family Chiropractic, Dr. Lindsey White explained, “I want everyone to strive for an ideal and perfect healthy lifestyle. That’s what I imagine Utopia to be.”

Healthy Kids Become Healthy Adults

Child and adult seek care at Utopia Family Chiropractic, Clive Chiropractic Office

Starting your kids on chiropractic care early is a healthy choice for their future wellness

Our mission is to improve the health of the greater community by starting with its youngest members–our children.

Dr. Lindsey is extensively trained in pediatric chiropractic. She is very passionate about helping children stay healthy with chiropractic care. Her goal is to see every child checked by a chiropractor, especially one who focuses in pediatrics. Dr. Lindsey would like to see chiropractic available in hospitals so that babies’ nervous system can be examined soon after birth as part of the normal birthing process.

“Wouldn’t it be great,” she asks, “if every child had a shot at an awesome life, right from the beginning? I want to give every child a chance at the life we were meant to have.”

Good Health Can Be Fun

At Utopia Family Chiropractic we offer care for expectant moms, children and the entire family. Our very modern and fun atmosphere makes it an enjoyable experience for everyone. With the bright colors throughout our space, you won’t believe you’re in a doctor’s office.

Our location is great, too! You’ll find us ideally located among some of the leading medical facilities in the Greater Des Moines area.

Find out how fun health can be. Together we’ll help you achieve your ideal health!

Browse our website, call with any questions, and schedule your appointment today. (515) 225-2249