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What Our Patients Say

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  • My kids love their Dr. Lindsey!

    -Heidi L.
  • Best chiropractic experience ever. There was reason I had not been in 15 years, however I will not wait that long again.

    -Bret R.
  • I loved my experience! Dr. Lindsey is fantastic!

    -Megan F.
  • I’ve been getting adjusted by Dr. Lindsey for about 3 years now and I can honestly say it is the healthiest I have ever been!

    -Erica S.
  • My kids love their Dr. Lindsey :)

    -Heidi Laube
  • I had a very pleasant experience and I am very thankful for Dr. Lindsey’s assistance!

    -Whitney W.
  • Now I know what it feels like to actually be healthy!

    -Erica S.

Truly Cares!

We had a great experience with our visits! Dr. Lindsey was very good at listening to our concerns and explaining her approach to getting our son back to his healthy state. The first few days after his first appointment Dr. Lindsey checked in with us to make sure Tanner was doing fine with his adjustment. She’s continued to check in with us to see how he’s doing. Dr. Lindsey truly cares about her patients and getting to the root cause of the issue. I wish I would have started taking my children sooner after seeing the results we’ve gotten from their adjustments.

-Laura, Taylor, and Tanner D.

She’s changed my life!

Lindsey has helped me more than I ever expected. She’s amazing! When I started going to see her I was in pain all the time and not feeling well at all and now after being adjusted regularly I rarely have pain and when I do it is because I’ve overstressed my body and she’s so great to get me for an adjustment immediately. She’s changed my life…Thank you, Lindsey!! Lindsey has also changed my daughter’s life and my granddaughter’s. Lindsey’s goal is to help people and that she does!!

-Kim H.

Stairs Were No Problem!

I am very happy with the care I’ve received from Utopia Family Chiropractic. Dr. White has helped me so much. When I started seeing her I had a hard time walking due to a knee injury. Stairs were almost impossible. Within a few visits, my knee was back to normal and stairs were no problem!

-Marci S.

Great with Kids

Dr. Lindsey is amazing! She is great with the kids and very personable! She went over our care plan very thoroughly and explained everything in easy to understand terms! Our little guy can’t tell us how he’s feeling but we can tell he is well on his way to wellness! His face lights up when he sees Dr. Lindsey!

-Amanda and Connor M.

Love the Passion Towards Caring For Kids

I love the passion Dr. Lindsey White has towards caring and helping kids. It is refreshing to have someone taking care of your child that genuinely wants to help.

-Deb B.


Dr. Lindsey was very attentive to my needs. I liked the way she explained the scans she took of my body and I definitely can see the areas that need help. She is a very friendly, helpful, honest, genuine, kind and caring chiropractor.

-Tammy D.

Great Job

Dr. Lindsey did a great job explaining where I was out of place and the triggering pain/stiffness areas. I’d highly recommend her services to friends and family.

-Kristen C.


You did excellently! We have also seen an increase in Sam’s words and effort in putting sentences together. He voluntarily has been yelling at his sister (yay!) he says “NO NENNA, MY TOY!” And he said “Dada at work?” I was very skeptical but would recommend you to any parent!

-Amanda A.

Feeling Healthy

I’ve been getting adjusted by Dr. Lindsey for about 3 years now and I can honestly say it is the healthiest I have ever been! Not that I was really “sick” before I started seeing her, but I had headaches every so often and random colds and whatnot. I realized that just because these things were “common” did not mean they were “normal”. Now I know what it feels like to actually be healthy!

-Erica Smothers